About SFC

Spread the Feast Community (SFC) is a Charlotte Mason (CM) inspired homeschool group that meets twice a month in the Metrowest Boston area. The purpose of the group is to first provide opportunities for children and their mothers to share in the delights explored within a CM education while providing encouragement to mothers as they learn how to apply Miss Mason’s methods in their own homes. During our Feasts we take time to sing hymns and folksongs, listen to poetry, and share the handicrafts, nature journal entries, and recitations we are working on at home. We spend about 20 minutes of focused lessons at each gathering. Some of our lessons include drawing, learning new handicrafts, nature study (object study, nature lore), composer and artist study. In addition to our Feast gathering we meet for nature walks during the autumn and spring months.

SFC is opened to any homeschool family with at least one child of school age (5 years) who utilizes the CM Method. Because it is our desire to “spread the feast,” the group is also open to homeschooling families who are exploring CM Methods as long as they respect and adhere to the main principles and philosophies such an education while participating.

If you are interested in joining our community please contact us by filling out the form below.