Reading Aloud Together

When establishing a family culture around books that everyone can enjoy it can be a bit difficult to find a happy medium. The one thing to keep in mind is that everyone, no matter the age, enjoys a good story. We humans were made for stories! Now I’ve spent hours reading blogs, articles, and books … [Read more…]

Cotsford’s Read Aloud Lists

There’s just something about reading aloud a story that brings a family together. Reading aloud forces everyone to stop, listen, and enjoy a few moments of time together in a story that is outside of themselves. I have asked my children (ages 8, 6, 4) to help me put together a list of their absolute … [Read more…]

Handicraft Traditions

I am thankful for my family for many reasons, but one of them includes the tradition of engaging in the habit of handicrafts. Many of my very earliest memories are centered around watching my parents or grandparents engage in various handicrafts.  I have been the happy observer or recepient of a multitude of handicrafts including … [Read more…]