SFC Guidelines

A Few Guidelines

  • SFC is a Charlotte Mason inspired community who believe and adhere to her philosophies including those of the Christian faith. We ask that all participants honor and show respect accordingly.
  • SFC is opened to any homeschool family with at least one child of school age (5 years) who either utilizes or is actively exploring the CM Method.
  • In the spirit of community we ask families to maintain a consistent attendance.
  • All meetings will start promptly at the scheduled time.
  • All children regardless of age are encouraged but not required to participate.
  • Mothers are strongly encouraged to participate.
  • All participants must show respect to whoever is sharing by attentive, active listening.
  • Mothers are responsible for their own children. We ask that children use their inside voices, not interrupt whoever is speaking, keep their hands to themselves, and respect the facilities we are utilizing.
  • For the protection and privacy of our children we ask that any pictures taken during our gatherings not to be posted online or social media without a parent permission. Any pictures posted on our SFC website will be password protected. Please use your digression when utilizing your assess on our Members only page.

For the Feast

  • Please bring any handicraft(s) you have been working on.
  • Please feel comfortable reciting a poem, verse, a quote from a book that has delighted you.
  • Please take the time to draw, paint, or write in your nature journal in between gatherings so we may all enjoy your observations.

For the Nature Walk

  • Please dress appropriately to the weather.
  • Mothers please keep a close attentive eye on your children so that they are safe and able to participate on our walks.
  • Please do not bring any dogs on our nature walks as some children are afraid and their presence may cause unnecessary stress.