Who was Charlotte Mason?

A quick google search will quickly tell you about a woman who lived at the turn of the twentieth century named Charlotte Maria Shaw Mason. Despite being born into a poverty, an only child who was educated at home by her parents who would die  leaving her orphaned as a teenager, Miss Mason was able to find her calling early in life through teaching. She never married nor had children of her own but by spending most of her life being with children as a teacher she became a keen observer of them. Her years of teaching and observing children inspired her to write and publish several books and articles which were solidified into six volumes.

  • Volume 1 – Home Education: written to parents and teachers who are educating young children up to age 9
  • Volume 2 – Parents and Children: a collection of 26 articles and essays previously published in the Parents Review Magazine encourage and instruct parents
  • Volume 3 – School Education: outlines her methods for educating children from approximately age 9 to 12
  • Volume 4 – Ourselves: aims to guide children in examining themselves through the development of high moral standards and self-control. The first part is for children under age 16. Book two of Ourselves is written for students over 16.
  • Volume 5 – Formation of Character: written to demonstrate how her methods are aimed to assist children to naturally develop and strengthen good character traits
  • Volume 6 – Philosophy of Eduction: a more philosophical writing of her own approach to education it is often considered the best overall review of her methods

If you are new to the Charlotte Mason philosophy it can be a bit overwhelming to decipher how her methods may be applied in your home as a home educator or you may even start to wonder, as we often have, if her approach to education would even be relevant today. Below are a few of our favorite resources:

Books and Articles

Podcasts and Online Resources